A Star Trek fan for life. A Star Trek collector for almost as long.

My main site, Collecting Trek, arose from a plan. I had been looking at my shelves of non-fiction Star Trek books and realized there wasn’t much written about collectibles, so that was an area in which I could contribute to the bank of TOS content. The tagline I use on social media, above, sums that up.

This site, by comparison, was the product of serendipity. I spoke to a bunch of people and then started a list of article ideas. Halfway through, the list passed 10 topics and I realized this content deserved its own home.

This site houses more than 20,000 words across 21 articles and more than 100 images. That last number really pleases me, because early on I often heard “There are no photos from the convention.” I found people who were kind enough to give me permission to use their images.

I hope you enjoy this content. Let me know. And maybe visit Collecting Trek as well.

A photo of me with William Shatner, taken at a media event. Shatner has his arm around my shoulder.