Cast of characters

The following people were interviewed for this project. A number of others sent me comments, tips and suggestions but were not actually interviewed.  

Amy Mark: Amy told me wonderful stories about her friend Grace Lee Whitney. 

Bill Barnett: Bill recorded brief interviews with four celebrities and shared with me the only convention audio I have been able to find.

Bob Hadji: I met Bob at Peter’s McGarvey’s party. He volunteered at the convention and helped me understand Harlan Ellison. 

Carolyn Clink: Carolyn was a teenager in 1976 and travelled to and from all three days of the convention crammed into a car with an unsafe number of friends.

Charlie McKee: One of the co-owners of Bakka, Charlie shared warm recollections of con organizer Elizabeth Pearse and made me understand how important this convention was to a lot of people. 

Chris Meredith: Chris created the lighting for the bridge and explained the complexity of working with the Royal York.

David Warren: David explained the financial complexity of a large convention. 

David Moffat: David’s photos from his Sheridan College days helped fill in a bit of the bridge set’s history. 

Debra Pearse Hartery: Elizabeth’s daughter was very giving of her time and honest about the challenges her mother faced, in addition to sharing a bunch of great con memories.

Doug McGarvey: I really enjoyed the TTC story and I am still hoping to convince him to sell me that Takei autograph.

Frank Goodman: Frank was the convention photographer. He died in February of 2022, just before this site went live. He was a great guy and his permission to use his photos here means a great deal to me. Frank liked to talk and had hundreds of great stories, and I was fortunate to visit him at his home and spend hours on the phone with him.

George Hollo: I so appreciate the funny stories George told me. He represents all the young kids who just loved Star Trek so much.

Grant Millard: Grant was a kid who hung out at Gameways’, helped resurrect the bridge, and became great friends with prop builder Phill Stephens.

Gregg Hagglund: I had given up on finding Gregg, but he contacted me after this site went live and contributed greatly to the life story of the bridge set. He also sent me a bunch of great photos.

Julie Czerneda: The sci-fi and fantasy author wins the award for the most tangential and offbeat Toronto Star Trek ’76 story: a Trek fan and frequent con guest in the years following, she held her wedding and reception at the Royal York and did not know the con was happening at the same time. 

Keith Williams: An early interview, Keith “was not really a Star Trek fan” yet he gave up hours and a lot of sleep to volunteer at the con.

Linda MacDonald: Another teenage attendee, Linda begged her parents to let her spend a weekend in the big city and kept her promise to not step one foot out of the hotel. Linda shared with me what Star Trek meant to her.  

Michael Zarrillo: I almost bought a Tribbles script from Michael; it had been owned by Matt Jefferies and contained a bunch of his hand-written notes. I still regret that I could not afford it but Michael did give me extensive insights into running conventions in the 1970s. 

Michael Wallis: It took almost 30 months to get in touch with some people. Michael was one of them, but the wait got me great stories about the stars and about how to run a small con successfully. 

Peter McGarvey: The author of five crime novels, Peter was the rainmaker. He told me interesting stories and introduced me to a bunch of other people with interesting stories. 

Robert J. Sawyer: Rob is the only Canadian to win all three of the world’s top science-fiction awards for best novel: the Hugo, the Nebula, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. He explained the historical and cultural significance of the con. He is a friend and a TOS fan of the first order. 

Sharon Mannell: Sharon was a friend of Elizabeth’s and shared some of her artwork with me. 

Shirley Meier: Shirley is a columnist at Amazing Stories and is a horror and fantasy author.

And my thanks to:

  • Joseph Aspler, Richard McDonald, Conrad Felber and Mike Makkreel for sharing photos with me
  • Beta readers Trevor Marshall, Rob Sawyer and Carolyn Clink. You caught the mistakes I missed.

A wedding photo, showing a happy young copy in a 1970s tuxedo and wedding dress.
Roger and Julie Czerneda. Photo supplied by Julie.

4 thoughts on “Cast of characters

  1. This is fabulous! I can’t tell you how much it means to us to finally SEE the convention we kept missing–though our wedding guests, including my brother, kept talking about Klingons the next day. Thank you so much.


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