Searching for Kevin Colero

“This kid asked to be photographed with Mark Lenard. I looked over at his mom and she nodded her head, so we went off to the side and Mark was really nice about it.” — Frank Goodman

Frank Goodman, the convention photographer, was working the lobby area as Mark Lenard walked by. A boy approached Goodman and asked for a photo with the actor. His mom nodded her agreement, Lenard was happy to pose, and the kid and his mother walked away a minute later. That was it — but it says so much about that era.

The Star Trek actor Mark Lenard poses with a young child at Toronto Star Trek 76.
Photo by Frank Goodman
A closeup of the convention badge worn by the young boy. It seems to read Kevin Colero.

The kid looks spiffy in his 1970s wide-lapel jean jacket, trying to get his fingers to form the Vulcan salute. It’s a great moment and a great photo.

Zooming in on the badge the kid is wearing, the last name is fairly clear and the first name appears to be Kevin. It took a little time but I found a Kevin Colero on LinkedIn who looked to be the right age, and he is indeed the kid in the photo. He was just a few weeks away from his sixth birthday when the pic was snapped.

The Star Trek actor James Doohan poses with a young child at Toronto Star Trek 76.

Colero told me he spent time at the con with both his mom and dad. Neither were into Star Trek, but they went for him. (Good parenting, that.)  

Colero also got to pose with James Doohan. His father was friends with Marty Herzog, an exec at Columbia Records and the media liaison at the con, so that got him better-than-average access.

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