Finding the photographer

“No one has photos. If you can find photos, that would be amazing.” — Charlie McKee

Almost all the photos in these articles were taken by Frank Goodman, and at one point I had all-but given up on finding him. Which was dumb, because he was in the phonebook. In Toronto. 

Let me explain. I began this project in the spring of 2019, and between that time and fall of 2021 all the people I interviewed were found through referrals, Facebook searches, or newspaper research. John Rose, who once owned Bakka, told me to contact Peter McGarvey, who put me in touch with eight people, two of whom pointed me towards three others. I found George Hollo through the Toronto Star and Facebook, I met Michael Zarrillo when I almost bought a TOS script from him, I already knew Robert J. Sawyer and Carolyn Clink, and David Moffatt and Julie Czerneda came up in Facebook searches. Many of these people were in other time zones and countries.

Because of all that, I tried the same tactics to find Goodman. I finally got his email address by messaging a guy on Facebook who I thought might be related and who turned out to be his brother. I emailed Goodman on a Friday morning and he got back to me that same day. 

It never occurred to me to look in the phonebook. “Goodman” is not an uncommon name and I had no idea where he might have moved to, but I wish I had tried the simplest option first.

A treasure trove of photos

Frank died in February of 2022, just before this site went live. He was a super guy. Following a long phone call in October of 2021, he invited me to his home. I brought along a portable light table and a loupe and was greeted with stacks and boxes of negatives, prints and slides. A subsequent visit produced more prints and a pile of CDs with digital files. All of the following are his photos.

Many people I interviewed had been looking for convention photos for years. Joseph Aspler had some great shots, and then Goodman shared his bonanza with me.

Goodman’s photographs are shown here for the first time anywhere, and with the permission of the photographer. I will always be grateful that I met Frank and that he gave me these photos to use here.

A convention attendee dressed as a Mugato and reflected in a mirrored door.

2 thoughts on “Finding the photographer

  1. Fyi: both myself and my sister Carolyn are in Frank Goodman’s photos of Klingons on the Bridge. I’m one of the solo women.


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